Our Story
The Wedding
The Wedding
Ceremony & Reception
Date:    January 27th, 2018
Location:    Harmony Gardens
  5528 Aragon Ave
  DeLeon Springs, FL 32130
Time:    4:30pm, Reception to follow
Harmony Gardens


Ashley Samuels

Ashley While they’ve known each other forever, Jen and Ashley weren’t close until a little later in life (they’re cousins). Somewhere along the line, Ashley stopped driving Jen bananas and became really fun. Family parties were looked forward to because it meant hangout time with Ashley! They’ve shared a slew of embarrassing childhood photos, matching birthday/Christmas gifts, Goosebumps books, and some silly memories. Ashley is a soccer player, amazing with kids (she teaches littles), and a generous person. She’s also the proud momma of a crazy pooch named Murphy. Jen’s oldest friend, Jen knows how lucky she is to have Ashley in her life. #labyrinthloversforever

Atty Geanacopoulos

Atty Jen and Atty first bonded over late nights spent at the Pike House their freshman year. Both working towards marine biology degrees, they got to know each other better in shared lectures and labs, and got scuba certified together (along with Mugdha). Jen and Atty became closer after graduation, when Jen moved back to FL after working in MA. Favorite person’s dinners, baking, experimental mixology, and trying new restaurants solidified this friendship – see a trend? Worth mentioning, Atty has a wicked sense of humor and is an experienced prankster. A jack-of-all-trades, Atty can do or be anything she puts her mind to – calligraphy, beautician, master chef, woodwork, etc. She even went so far as to create an awesome little critter who will be the ring bear – Olly. Jen doesn’t know what she’d do without Atty nearby!

Chelsea Tuohy

Chelsea It all started with a fateful trip to Puerto Rico the summer before their junior year of college at FIT. Tossed together in close quarters, a group of pals (including Chelsea's now-husband Evan) formed during the 2-week field course. Thanks to that trip, Jen and Chelsea became besties and roommates their senior year of college. Chelsea is super driven, maintains a judgement free zone (face stuffing may commence), and motivates Jen to live life. Her sweet demeanor also hides an inappropriate sense of humor. That’s probably the real reason Jen and Chelsea get along so well. Side note: Jen was lucky enough to be a part of Chelsea and Evan's wedding in 2015! They live in Puerto Rico, and started their own scientific adventure company, Isla Mar.

Melissa Lindsay

Melissa Although 4 years apart, Jen and Melissa "look like twins" and "sound the same". As is common with many big sister-little sister relationships, these two didn't always get along. Eventually, they realized how freakishly similar they are, which led to a closeness only 2 weirdos from the same flock can share. Although Jen doesn’t get to spend nearly as much time with Mel as she’d like, she knows they can always pick up right where they left off. Mel is living in Chicago, is supremely stylish, and is an optimistic boss babe. Jen knows the good fortune she received to get such a fabulous sister. Mel is always up for an adventure, or a snack.

Stacy Aloisio

Stacy Jen and Stacy met in high school where they were part of the ACC Cross Country team. Instant best friends, they bonded over killer workouts, ridiculous music, long bus rides, and sharing snacks. Stacy can make a friend ANYWHERE, is a human jukebox, an amazing dancer, and a total baller. She’s quite possibly the coolest person Jen knows. Jen might be a little confused as to how she and Stacy became friends in the first place, because Jen is decidedly uncool. Currently Stacy is residing in Las Vegas, but Jen has her fingers crossed for the day that they live within a couple hours’ drive from each other! #labyrinthloversforever


Andrew Katona

Andrew Matthew's older brother. They've absolutely never played baseball together... Though they had their fair share of disagreements growing up, Matthew usually only annoys Andrew now when he's intentionally trying to do so. They share interests in technology, gaming, and TV shows. Rumor has it Andrew occasionally lets it slip that he loves Matthew, but no witnesses have ever come forward to corroborate.

Clem Healy

Clem Matthew's friend, and roommate for 2.5 years of college. They've played some baseball together... They invented several games in college, including 404Ball and Toiletball. After a couple years away from the game after a shoulder surgery, Clem convinced Matthew to start playing again simply because the fledgling Florida Tech Baseball Club has his number (8) available.

Eric Cramer

Eric Matthew's alleged friend (can not be confirmed). A Yankees fan. They've played some baseball together... They're usually debating something, and when Cramer is inevitably outmaneuvered in a debate, he has been known to stalk off and mutter something about "the ghosts of Yankee Stadium."

Kevin Ranson

Kevin Matthew's friend, and roommate for the final semester of college. They've played some baseball together... They've been known to build and fix things together, and discuss the finer points of a wide range of topics (though it almost always comes back to baseball somehow). Kevin also had a hand in the inventing and development of such games as 404Ball and Toiletball, and on at least one occasion Kevin and Matthew turned a game of nerf basketball into a wrestling match.

Mike Abercrombie

Mike Matthew's friend from college. They've played some baseball together... One day, early in the life of the Florida Tech Baseball Club, Mike asked Matthew if he wanted to make a website for the team, because Matthew knew a lot about computers. Matthew didn't know any more about building a website than he learned in one week of 8th grade computer class, but now builds websites for a living thanks to Mike. Matthew and Mike enjoy many of the same things, but torturing Cramer is at the top of the list.