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Hotel Info

We have arranged a block of rooms at the Hampton Inn in DeLand, which is about seven miles from Harmony Gardens. This is not the least expensive option in the area, but is rated as the #1 hotel in DeLand, and everything in the region is a bit pricier than usual due to a race at the nearby Daytona Speedway the same weekend. If you'd like to stay at another hotel, please make sure to book sooner rather than later, as the race is causing other places to book up quickly.

If you're looking to add a little extra adventure to the trip, and perhaps save a bit of money, there are numerous parks and campsites in the area! If it wasn't our wedding, we'd probably be camping ourselves. A couple of our favorite parks are listed below, but feel free to ask if you're interested but could use some guidance.

Recommended Attractions
If you want to explore, there's plenty to do in the central Florida area:

Disney World & Universal Studios — Classic Florida attractions, if you have some extra time (or want an excuse to make some). If you stick around until Monday, the bride and groom are planning on spending the day at Universal.

Alexander Spring & Blue Spring — Two of our favorite (of the many) Florida springs. Winter isn't a great time to go swimming in these springs, but there's still plenty to see! Blue Springs, especially, is well known for manatee gatherings during the colder months.

Brevard Zoo — Jen works here, but hopefully she'll be nowhere near the place while you're in town. It's a bit of a trek from the venue, but if you happen to be in the area, it's a great zoo to visit.

Kennedy Space Center — If you're interested in NASA and/or space in general, this is a must-visit. See why the area we live in is known as the Space Coast!

Beach — It's Florida. If you're coming from the north, our winter is your summer. Drive east (closest), west (not as close), or south (pretty far...), and you will reach the beach. The Florida coastline stretches 1,350 miles - we're sure you can find some part of it.